Address: 301410, Russia, Tula Oblast, Suvorovskiy district, Luzhkovskii, Ulitsa 60 Let SSSR, 1

The manufacturing plant's history spans more than two centuries: the first mention of a distilling company was found in 'A Written Description in an Atlas of the Kaluga Governorate', published towards the end of the 18th century. The document, dating from 2 May 1777, details an orchard, mill, pond and distillery, all noted down from a land survey undertaken in the village of Luzhki.

Today, the business produces up to 5,000 decalitres a day of high-quality alcohol ('Alpha', 'Luxe' and 'Extra' grades), as well as dried distillers grain, liquid carbon dioxide, fusel oil and a concentrate of ethyl alcohol head impurities.

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