Our production

Address: 632381, Russia, Novosibirsk Oblast, Kuybyshev, Ulitsa Omskaya, 1

JSC Yerofeyev is not only one of the largest alcohol producers in the region, but also one of the industry's oldest companies. Founded in 1867 by a first-guild merchant, Venedikt Yerofeyev, the manufacturing plant initially produced draught table wine. It was a small production with basic equipment. Most of the work was done by hand.

Its more recent history begins in 2013, with an extensive refurbishment and new production facilities being installed. The fermentation equipment was then refurbished, the brewing and brew-purification equipment was modernised, the storage and supply equipment was reconstructed. Finally the plant was equipped with the latest equipment for distilling equipment.

The product range includes high-quality alcohols ('Alpha', 'Luxe' and 'Extra' grades), dried distillers grain, fusel oil and a concentrate of ethyl alcohol head impurities.

In 2023, Lux alcohol produced at JSC Erofeev was awarded a gold medal at the tasting competition of the XXIV specialized exhibition Food. Drinks - 2023", held in Sochi.

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