Our production

Address: 301475, Russia, Tula Oblast, Plavsky District, Oktyabrsky, Ulitsa Zavodskaya, 1

The alcohol manufacturing plant in Tula Oblast entered into service in February 1951.

At the moment, the business is producing the 'Alpha', 'Luxe' and 'Extra' grades of rectified ethyl alcohol from raw food material, dried distillers grain, fusel oil and a concentrate of ethyl alcohol head impurities.

'Etalon' Ltd. is one of the three Russian factories where malt is produced using old methods, without the use of enzymes. The production of malt-based alcohol, which has unique organoleptical qualities is a long and laborious process, which is why this type of alcohol is more often than not used to produce premium brands of vodka.

In 2017, at the Moscow International Spirit Competition, 'Etalon' was awarded a gold medal and diploma of the first degree for the high quality of its 'Luxe Malt-Based Alcohol'.

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