Our production

Address: 307490, Russia, Kursk Oblast, Glushkovsky District, Tetkino, Ulitsa Bocharnikova, 39

The alcohol manufacturing plant is situated in the Glushkovsky District of Kursk Oblast. It was founded in 1865 by the owner of a 'sugar empire', Privy Councillor Nicholas Artemovych Terechtchenko. Even in its earliest days, the distillery was one of the largest and most progressive businesses of its time. In this way, within a year of one 'Bormann and Shvede' being set up at the plant, production reached more than 180,000 litres of alcohol, of up to 92° GL.

The company's most recent history started in 2010, when 'KurskProdukt' Ltd. was set up.

The plant produces rectified ethyl alcohol from raw food material (in 'Luxe', 'Alpha' and 'Best Quality' grades), as well as denatured alcohol and raw ethanol. The company uses molasses and grain as its raw food material for production.

On April 13, 2018, the production laboratory of KurskProdukt LLC was included in the register of accredited persons of the Federal Accreditation Service. Registration entry number RA.RU.21НВ82.

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