Our production

Address: 301848, Russia, Tula Oblast, Yefremov, Ulitsa Moskovskaya Zastava, 1

'Zernoprodukt' Ltd. is one of the leading producers of rectified ethyl alcohol not only in Tula Oblast, but in the entire Russian Federation.

Daily production capacity of 10,000 decalitres. 'Alpha', 'Luxe' and 'Extra' ethyl alcohols are all made at the factory, as well as dried distillers grains, fusel oil and a concentrate of ethyl alcohol head impurities.

The high quality of the alcohol produced here is evident in the high level of demand for it: 'Zernoprodukt's' is Russia's largest producer of vodka and distilled products.

The 'Luxe' brand of rectified ethyl alcohol from raw food material was awarded a gold medal at the tasting competition at the International Fair 'PRODEXPO' in 2010 and 2011. In 2019, 'Zernoprodukt's' factory was awarded with a gold medal and a diploma of the First Degree at the Moscow International Spirit Competition for the exceptional quality of its 'Alpha' spirit.

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