Manufacturing plant 'Premium' included in the official register of organic producers


The manufacturing plant 'Premium' has been included in the official register of organic producers, under the registration number 000000002. The list was published on the Russian Federation Ministry of Agriculture's website on 1 February. The register's information is published as open data and is publicly available.

Each individual producer's profile displays their tax identification number, reference number, the date and status of their certification in relation to organic production, list of items produced, address where production is carried out and also the executive prerequisites for certification.

At this stage, the register holds the details of the first twenty organisations who have received the official certificate granting them the status as an organic producer. On 2 March, testing on this section of the Ministry of Agriculture's website was completed, and the website entered into full service. Users can now access the register's data about a specific organic product on their smartphone; they scan the QR code displayed on the product's packaging and the necessary information will pop up on their screen.

JSC Rosspirtprom received certification of organic production conformity in accordance with Federal Standard 33980-2016 'Products of Organic Production. Regulations for production, development, branding and sales,' 25 February 2019. The certifier was "Organic-Expert" - one of the three companies in Russia to currently have the Federal Accreditation Service's permission to carry out this activity.

The first batch of organic alcohol rolled out of the 'Premium' factory in March 2019. In 2020, the plan to supply organic alcohol to the clients of JSC Rosspirtprom provides for a three-fold increase in volume, which has already been signed in relevant client agreements. In order to ensure production, Rosspirtprom has already purchased the necessary raw food material for this type of alcohol - wheat grain, grown in natural conditions in Russian fields, where it is forbidden to use synthetic fertilisers or GMO's.

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