Rosspirtprom issues alcohol for Kosher vodka at passover


Rosspirtprom issued a special run of alcohol for vodka. This batch meets the kosher requirements for Passover. BELUGA GROUP ordered the alcohol - a company which wants to issue a new product: a special run of 'Belenkaya' vodka for the Israeli market.

The food and beverages permitted for consumption during the Jewish holiday of Passover are all made in accordance with Kashrut laws. Compliance with these laws is approved by an approved representative of the rabbinate. Corn, special yeasts and enzyme products - all approved by the rabbinate - were used for the production of this alcohol, which would later become vodka for Passover. Since this type of alcoholic beverage cannot contain any traces of wheat grain, the equipment and transport containers used during production were repeatedly washed or heat treated.

A special batch of 'Luxe' grade alcohol was issued at the 'Prestige' distillery, under the supervision of a representative from the Kashrut Department at the Chief Rabbinate of Russia. Strict compliance controls were carried out by a speciliast Rabbi throughout the entire production process: from processing the raw materials up to shipping the finished product.

"For JSC Rosspirtprom, any work with clients who suggest new production objectives is of great professional interest to us, and represents an opportunity to demonstrate our readiness to fulfill practically any request. BELUGA GROUP is one of our longstanding partners, with whom we have already created a variety of alcohols tailor-made for unique alcoholic beverages. The experience and know-how gained during the production of kosher alcohol for Passover will allow us to further broaden our sales market, allowing for the growing demand for products with a particular combination of ingredients," noted JSC Rosspirtprom's Head of Quality and Metrology, Irina Polyakova.

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