Rosspirtprom became a member of the technical committee for standardisation: 'Russian quality assurance system'


At an official meeting of the Technical Committee for Standardization (the Russian Quality Assurance System - hereinafter referred to as TK 702) on 23 April 2019, it was unanimously decided to recommend JSC Rosspirtprom's inclusion to the committee. This proposal was then sent to the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency (Rosstandart), and following decree № 1075 (13 May 2019), Rosspirtprom was confirmed as a member of the technical committee. Deputy Managing Director Alla Danilovtseva will represent the company at TK 702 meetings.

25 organisations make up the technical committee, along with JSC 'Rosspirtprom'. The company was appointed to TK 702 in order to develop the Russian Federation's national standard for comparative testing of vodkas, non-alcoholic carbonated beverages and still drinking waters, planned by 'Roskachestvo' (The Russian National Standard) for 2019.

TK 702 was formed following a decree from the Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology Agency on 6 August 2018, №1655 'concerning the termination of the Technical Committee for standardisation ('the Russian Quality Assurance System') and the creation of the Technical Committee for Standardisation ('the Russian Quality Assurance System')'. According to the document, the Technical Commitee 'takes the form of a cooperative of interested representatives' from federal, regional and municipal executive authorities, state corporations, various manufacturing and trade associations and scientific, technical and other organisations working on standardisation under the remit of the All-Russian standard classication 03.120.99 'Quality. Other Aspects'.

TK 702's remit includes planning and supervising the implementation of national standards programmes pursuant to the Technical Committee's work, the examination of draft national and international standards and draft amendments to existing standards, and finally the submission of these to Rosstandart for approval. Moreover, TK 702 regularly checks on the current national and intergovernmental standards assigned to it, in order to identify any necessary updates or changes.

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