JSC Rosspirtprom announces 2017 figures


Audited financial statements prepared in accordance with IFRS showed that the corporate group 'Rosspirtprom' made a net profit of 1.1 billion rubles in 2017. Revenue during this period amounted to 11.6 billion rubles. Following the decision at the annual general meeting of shareholders, 248.4 million rubles were allocated for dividend payments.

In 2017, JSC 'Rosspirtprom' was the key player in the Russian rectified ethyl alcohol from raw food material market. During the reporting period, 28 million decalitres of ethyl alcohol was shipped by the company, encompassing both alcohol produced by the company itself, as well as from sales management agreements.

The production of ethyl alcohol was undertaken by companies at all the production plants situated in five regions across the Russian Federation: 'Absolut' Ltd., 'Zernoprodukt' Ltd., 'Etalon' Ltd. (Tula Oblast), 'KurskProdukt' Ltd. (Kursk Oblast), JSC 'Yerofeyev' (Novosibirsk Oblast), 'DDD' Ltd., 'Prestige' Ltd., 'Beslan' (A separate business unit in the Republic of North Ossetia–Alania) and 'Premium' Ltd. (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic).

In 2017, as part of its government contracts, JSC Rosspirtprom provided export, storage and destruction services for alcohol products, equipment and vehicles seized from illegal circulation. Over the past year, 37.4 million litres of seized products have been exported, representing an increase of 25.5% compared to 2016. Following court decisions, 8.7 million litres of products were destroyed, representing an increase of 10% compared to the previous year. In all, in 2017 Rosspirtprom dismantled and removed 1,457 individual pieces of equipment from 132 facilities. Of these facilities, 45 were industrial facilities (including 2 distilleries) and 87 were operating as more primitive facilities.

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