'Rosspirtprom' completes deal to buy spirit-related assets


The open joint stock company 'Rosspirtprom' (RSP) has completed its acquisition of eight companies within the alcohol sector.

As part of the deal, shares in 'Absolut' Ltd. (Tula Oblast), Etalon' Ltd. (Tula Oblast), 'Zernoprodukt' Ltd (Tula Oblast), 'DDD' Ltd. (The Republic of North Ossetia–Alania), 'Prestige' Ltd., (The Republic of North Ossetia–Alania), 'Premium' Ltd., (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic), 'KurskProdukt' Ltd. (Kursk Oblast) and PLC 'Yerofeyev' (Novosibirsk Oblast) were acquired. OJSC Rosspirtprom's current share in all eight companies exceeds 95%.

Furthermore, OJSC 'Rosspirtprom' gained control of three service companies as part of the deal: 'Zernoresurs' Ltd., 'Rich' Ltd. (Corporate Headquarters) and transport company 'Magistral' Ltd. (Quality Control).These companies carry out licensed haulage of ethyl alcohol and have a modern fleet of alcohol transportation tanks.

All assets included in the deal have already been under the control of OJSC Rosspirtprom for more than a year.

The deal was financed by credit resources, as well as OJSC Rosspirtprom's own funds.

The deal is being carried out within the framework of OJSC Rosspirtprom's approved development strategy, which provides for Rosspirtprom's share to increase in the alcohol market. As a result of the deal, the total production capacity of ethyl alcohol by all the enterprises owned by the open joint stock company will amount to more than 24 million decalitres a year, which will increase the company's share in the ethyl alcohol market to 60%.

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