A delegation from Kazakhstan went to Zernoproduct LLC on an inception visit


On February 4, representatives of Global Beverages, the Republic of Kazakhstan, visited Zernoproduct's distillery in the Tula Region. The delegation comprised representatives of Global Beverages head office (Head of Distillery Service, Production Director, Project Team Leader), directors of four distilleries making part of the holding (KENTAVR LLP, Alfa Organic LLP, Alpha-2050 LLP, and ASZ JSC), and Deputy Director of Production at Alfa Organic LLP.

 Global Beverages is a Kazakhstan-based holding that comprises manufacturers of bottled table water and mineral water, alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages (vodka, distilled beverages, sparkling and nonsparkling wines), rectification alcohol and its by-products (dry distillery dregs, carbon dioxide, EAP). The holding has four distilleries and is the major manufacturer of ethyl alcohol in the Kazakhstan market with approx. 70% share.

 Zernoproduct LLC was selected for its status (a leading distillery in Russia) and the opportunity to get acquainted with the experience of the highly efficient enterprise operation and to examine the innovations in the full cycle by-product processing. The visit was an inception one: while preparing for upgrading their own facilities, Kazakh businessmen were willing to study the similar experiences of their peers from Zernoproduct to better understand the way their technical development should take shape in the future.

 After the mandatory introductory briefing in occupational safety, Aleksandr Mikhaylyuk, Zernoproduct's CEO, Maksim Dirin, Deputy CEO of Production, Yekaterina Litonina, Chief Technologist, and Mariya Nasonova, Production Laboratory Head, demonstrated the distillery's production site to the guests. There, everybody could see all stages of the process flow and examine the underworking, boiling, yeast fermenting departments, the distiller, and a new workshop for Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles (DDGS) processing.

 The excursion was followed by joint tasting where two Luxurious grade alcohols (made of wheat and corn) manufactured by Zernoproduct LLC and malt alcohol manufactured by Alfa Organic LLP (Stepnogorsk) were presented. All samples were highly appreciated by the Expert Panel, and Zernoproduct's wheat alcohol was recognized as the best.


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