Rosspirtprom increases malt alcohol production


Modernization of the malt shop has been completed at the ETALON distillery (Tula Region). As part of the investment project, malt turners were replaced on two mobile beds for malting, and the third additional bed was installed. These measures will increase the productivity of the malt house from 40 to 80 thousand decaliters of malt alcohol per month. The total cost of the project was 50 million rubles.

ETALON LLC is one of several distilleries in Russia where malt alcohol is produced. The company produces it according to classical technology. 

In the alcohol industry, non-dried (green) malt is used. Sprouted malt is used at the technological stage of saccharification of starch-containing raw materials. The formation of enzymes necessary for saccharification occurs during soaking and germination of various types of grain. Barley, rye, oat malts are a source of alpha-amylase, millet malt is a source of glucoamylase. During the grain germination, a number of complex biochemical processes occur, including the synthesis of vitamins and other biologically active nutrients. They pass into the wort, enhance metabolic processes, and have a significant beneficial effect on the formation of ethyl alcohol and fermentation by-products.

Malt alcohol has a number of organoleptic characteristics, has a softer and rounded taste and a characteristic aroma. The customers of malt alcohol are the largest Russian producers of alcoholic beverages that use it in the formulation of popular vodka brands, including the premium segment. In addition, malt alcohol, in accordance with the requirements of the NMPT Russian Vodka, is a necessary basis for the production of this type of product. 

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