Rosspirtprom has shipped a new batch of kosher vodka alcohol for Passover


Rosspirtprom has again produced alcohol for the limited export series of vodka "Belenkaya Special Edition. Corn Spirit", which BELUGA GROUP produces exclusively for sale in Israel. This is the second batch of special alcohol for kosher vodka, which is allowed to be consumed during Passover. The first shipment for BELUGA GROUP on a similar request took place in early 2020.

The main raw material for such vodka is Lux alcohol, obtained from corn, since during the main Jewish holiday of Passover, believers are strictly forbidden to eat those crops that are traditionally used in the production of vodka (wheat, barley, rye). No less stringent requirements are imposed on yeast and enzyme preparations – they must be certified by the kashrut department as a product approved for use in the production of products for Passover.

Since kosher vodka alcohol for Passover should not contain any impurities, all equipment used in its production and transportation is thoroughly cleaned to completely remove traces of other grain products: depending on the purpose of the container, they are either washed at high temperature, or treated with washing alcohol, or steamed.

Moreover, each stage of production must strictly comply with the canons of kashrut, therefore, for quality control, a rabbi from the kashrut department under the Chief Rabbinate of Russia was specially invited to the plant, as in the previous time. He checks compliance with the necessary conditions, starting from the site of acceptance of corn grain and ending with the preparation of products for transportation. For example, a representative of the rabbinate personally seals the tanks for the fermentation period and seals the cistern with ready-made alcohol before dispatching it.

Individual order for alcohol for vodka "Belenkaya Special Edition. Corn Spirit" is performed by PRESTIGE LLC, located in the Republic of North Ossetia – Alania. The company's products have repeatedly received high awards at the Eurasia Spirits Drinks industry competitions and the Moscow International competition "Best Alcohol".

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