Rosspirtprom plants won gold medals at the exhibition "Golden Autumn - 2022"


The products of two distilleries of Rosspirtprom JSC won gold awards at the 24th agro-industrial exhibition "Golden Autumn". The exhibition, dedicated to the Day of the Worker of Agriculture and Processing Industry, was held from 5 to 8 October in the Moscow region at the Patriot Convention and Exhibition Center.

The gold medal "For the production of high-quality food products" was won by the plant of ZERNOPRODUCT LLC (Efremov town, Tula region) for ethyl alcohol made from food raw materials of the "Lux" variety. ZERNOPRODUCT is one of the most powerful distilleries in Russia, the company's products are in demand among the largest producers of alcoholic beverages. In addition to ethyl alcohol, the company ships dry stillage as per the DDGS standard. As a result of the large-scale reconstruction of the post-distillery stillage processing shop, completed in 2021, the quantitative and qualitative indicators of the finished product have significantly increased, i.e. the yield coefficient of the distillery stillage per thousand dal of alcohol and the degree of extraction of dry substances from it.

Also, the gold medal was awarded for malt ethyl alcohol rectified from food raw materials of the Lux grade produced by ETALON factory (Oktyabrsky settlement of Tula region). ETALON LLC is one of several distilleries in Russia where malt alcohol is produced, the company produces it using classical technology. Malt alcohol has a number of organoleptic characteristics, has a softer and rounded taste and a characteristic aroma. In accordance with the requirements of the geographical indication "Russian Vodka", malt alcohol is a necessary basis for the production of this type of product. Due to the high demand for malt alcohol in 2022, malt production at ETALON was expanded: the production of malt alcohol doubled. In addition, the general modernization of the enterprise will be completed this year, aimed at increasing productivity to 9,000 dal of ethyl alcohol per day.

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