Five plants of Rosspirtprom won gold medals for the product quality becoming the best at the specialized tasting competition of the XXIVth specialized exhibition Food Products. Beverages - 2023 held in Sochi, March 23-26, 2023.

 Top awards were rewarded to:

 - Erofeev JSC for alcohol grade Lux

- Zernoprodukt LLC for alcohol grade Alfa

- Premium LLC for alcohol grades Alpha and Lux

- Prestige LLC for alcohol grade Lux

- Etalon LLC for alcohol grade Lux


Thus, the state-owned Rosspirtprom has once again confirmed its status as the leader of the Russian market of food-grade alcohol! What are the secrets and key to success in producing high quality products wanted by the most demanding customers? What are the unique features of each plant? Let us give the floor to the directors of the winning enterprises.

 Radchenko Nikolai Andreyevich, director of Yerofeyev distillery (Novosibirsk region, town of Kuibyshev):

 LOCAL RAW MATERIALS. Our distillery produces alcohol from wheat exclusively, moreover from the local wheat which grows in the region where it is located - Novosibirsk region. We buy wheat from the local farmers. The high degree of the grain homogeneity ensures stability of quality indicators of the produced alcohol.

 Mikhailuk Alexander Alexandrovich, director of Zernoprodukt distillery (Tula Region, towm of Efremov):

 PERSONNEL. Members of our existing team are totally different in age, characters, temperaments and hobbies but they constitute a team of like-minded people, and thanks to its coordinated work the plant successfully solves all the assigned tasks.

 Dzhigkaev Marat Viktorovich, director of Prestige distillery (Republic of North Ossetia-Alania):

 SKILL OF THE TECHNOLOGISTS. In addition to the traditional Alpha and Lux alcohol grades, our plant produces limited edition products by individual orders. For example, alcohol for kosher vodka on Passover has to meet the strictest kashrut requirements for both its composition and the production process. And every year our specialists successfully meet this creative challenge.

 Chepurnov Igor Nikolaevich, director of Etalon distillery (Tula Region, Plavsky District):

 COMMITMENT TO TRADITION. It is at our plant where we have a malt house where malt is germinated for production of the malt alcohol. According to the classical canons, malt is used for starch saccharification resulting in an alcohol with a characteristic softer and more rounded flavor and aroma. It is the malt alcohol produced according to the established requirements which is the necessary basis for production of the real Russian vodka.

 Peshkova Marina Nikolaevna, director of Premium plant (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Zolsky District):

 PRODUCTION LOCATION. Premium plant is located in the foothill area of the republic, in Malka river valley which is the most beautiful place inspiring by itself creation of the organic products. Premium LLC has a corresponding certificate for compliance with GOST requirements and produces special alcohol from organic raw materials for the customers. Another feature of our technology is the use of a "soft" method of the raw materials cooking which positively affects the organoleptic and physical-chemical parameters of the produced alcohol.

 Congratulations to the enterprises teams with the deserved awards, and may victory always be ours!

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